Participating in the life of OTR and Cincinnati by stepping into the flow of the Holy Spirit throughout the streets of our community in order to dismantle the walls that keep us apart.

Stay Informed. Connect With Us.

Worship Times

Community Breakfast

Worship Gathering

Current Series

Enneagram Weekend for Young Adults

A FREE event for young adults (including college-aged) to learn from Leslie Hershberger.  The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and others by discovering your personality type. The Enneagram can provide insight into your behaviors, challenges and true strengths. It can provide insights into your relationships – both personal and business. It can help us … Continue reading “Enneagram Weekend for Young Adults”

Our Values

  • Equity

    All are welcome to participate. All have everything necessary to participate equally.

  • Justice

    The healing transformation of our relationships with God and each other.

  • Connection

    No person is an island; neither is the church.

  • Creativity

    Replacing dogma with the Holy Spirit

What Others Say

“OTRCC is a place where I feel at home. As a millennial I find it essential that the church community I’m a part of is a place where I can be myself, and I have found that here. OTRCC not only allows space for people to come as they are, but it also challenges us to see the big picture – where truth and justice intersect with the Christian life. I’m excited to see how God’s Holy Spirit moves in this community, and I know transformation is bound to happen! ” Lydia

“Both the community and the teaching at OTRCC remind me that the kingdom of God transcends any boundaries or boxes that we would tend to place it in. God has used OTRCC in my own faith story, and also to remind me that 'the harvest is plenty' for justice and truth to be found both in the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine and in the city of Cincinnati at-large. I am excited to be a part of this journey!” Russell

“I have grown and changed along OTRCC. God has used this special place to challenge my faith, provide a rock solid life support system of people, and pour into me the encouragement and strength to step out onto the raging waters. OTRCC invites us and provides a space for us to grow as individuals that we might unify into a team and accomplish all that God would call us to.” Sarah

“I love this church. I’ll never leave this church.” Bobby