Mission is the Church’s relationship with its community. Often times when we hear the word mission, we think of it as synonymous with the term “out reach”. This of course implies the act of those inside the church reaching an arm outside its walls, while keeping most of its resources inside. We believe, however, that mission isn’t so much about “reaching out” as it is “living out.” Mission is what takes place when a church actually begins investing its entire self into the streets, neighborhoods, cities, and entire world that surround it. In this sense, mission is not something a church does, but what the church is.

In order to live into this understanding of mission, we’ll be creating groups known as “Missional Communities” (MCs). Each MC is around 20-30 people and exists for a specific missional purpose. Some examples could be MCs focused on prison re-entry, maintaining a community garden, helping folks find long-term housing, etc.

Be sure to join our email list for updates on when we’ll begin forming Missional Communities. For more information or if you think you may have an idea for a Missional Community, feel free to contact Ian Strickland at istrickland@hpcumc.org.